Guide to Buying a Cheap and used Samsung Galaxy S3 inMelbourne

If you’re not a fan of Apple or believe that their latest iPhone offers little improvement over their last model, you want to look into another popular mobile device manufacturer and buy Samsung Galaxy S3 instead. Since the day South Korean electronics giant’s latest smartphone hit the worldwide market, it has attracted a lot of praise and favorable comparisons to Apple’s products. Continue Reading →

Buyer’s Guide For iPhone 5 in Melbourne – New and Refurbished iPhones For Sale

It’s been a while since iPhone 5 hit the shelves, so you’ve probably read more than one review of iPhone 5 already. If the new features of Apple’s latest smartphone seem appealing, you’re likely looking for a chance to buy iPhone 5 in Melbourne. This article will outline some useful advice for finding the best deal on your purchase.

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Nokia Lumia 920 is the best smart phone ?

Nokia lumia 920It has been about 5 years now since i last used a Nokia mobile phone. My first mobile was a Nokia 3310 B&W mobile phone.
I was amazed by the Snakes game back then. Rigid, Tough, no need for a cover, that was a typical “man’s” phone, if i may say.
Then came the color screens, then emerged some with a VGA camera and then finally, the Symbian OS. Not to forget, Samsung phones were still available but were heavily dominated by the Nokia clan.
Anyone who has used a Symbian driven phone, must have definitely come across “Smart Movie Convertor“. With a lot of Nokia handsets being driven by the Symbian OS, Nokia was the kind and it dominated the market with handsets such as – 3320, 3330, 6600, 7600,7710 etc and many more. We also witnessed different versions of Symbian OS on different phones. Continue Reading →

iPhone 5 Review :

Is Apple ready to take on Google?

In the most recent event, apple has come up with a map of its own. It has finally bid goodbye to Google maps. Continue Reading →

Finally got my own Samsung Galaxy SIII (i9300). This is a powerhouse phone, with the strong processor one can definitely feel the smoothness of the phone without any lags. The Samsung Galaxy i9300 was introduced with a big price as steep as $800 AUD outright. But after a couple of months, today it is available anywhere between $400-$550 AUD.

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Is It a Profitable Investment to
Buy Second Hand Mobile Phones?

When you lose your old phone or it gets stolen, you may be tempted to look for companies that sell used mobiles on a regular basis. Many of them may be able to sell you a good cell phone, but is it profitable, and more importantly, is it worth the risk? In order to answer these questions properly, let’s first take a look at what benefits you can reap when actually buying used mobiles.

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